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Rocio Garza 

I’m a freelance photographer born in México, living in Paris since 2011. My experience in photography is diverse.
I have obtained my Master II in Audiovisual Languages with specialization in photography at the faculty of Visual Arts (2001-2005 Monterrey N.L. Mexico). I have worked there as a Photo Department Coordinator, Then I joined the Diario de Morelos Newspaper (BRACA Groupe ; Cuernavaca Morelos, Mexico) as a Photo Producer, Editorial and Cultural Events photographer for almost 4 years. Finally , before coming to France I was a freelance photographer for two years in my hometown. Today, I continue to work as freelancer in divers domains.
Fluent: French • English • Spanish


Principal Clients: 

  • GTM Bâtiment, Vinci Construction, France.

  • Embassy of Mexico in France. 

  • ICC (International Chambre of Comerce). 

  • SNTE (Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación, Mexique) for the UNESCO and the OCDE. 

  • Akeance Consulting. 


  • GROUPE Militaire« PORTUÑOL », France. 

  • CAMNA, Attaché Militaire, Ambassade du Mexique.

  • VIVA MEXICO Festival, France.

  • Designer Isabelle Ballu. 

  • Line weights over coffee Podcast.

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